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Mark Spiros

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  1. also for anyone wanting to report a police officer, dont. it ruins rp cause all the cops start to hate you not your character and they start to throw shit around that just simply aint real
  2. I made 1 report about the police, and ever since 80% of the police force have been jumping on a fucking bandwagon hating on me and my friends. It makes you feel unwanted and i've been told to find a different server. Also just for context, I was talking to a friend about fair enough some weird shit but we were just talking to one another in the cells, when we were told that we were being offensive to everyone and minorities lmfao fucking minorities? yeah great one also just a bit of context, I never chatted shit to him. I only congratulated him on catching us. (2 Different scenarios) makes a statement telling me to explain it on the forums ^ So i'll go no problem, have fun on the server to everyone who was actually decent outside of the RP But everyone else go can suck a fat one.
  3. I must say, this was purely skill and 0% luck ?
  4. You should try rust, its great if you love a great meme and meeting idiots.
  5. From the UK unfortunately... The weather is absolutely pants
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