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  1. I know how to make guns.... jesus yall take shit to heart when i just ask about it BUT IN REAL LIFE CRIMINALS HAVE GUNS an have MEANS of getting them... but hey Its just becoming a Cop simulation lol! Last time i post in here holy shit lol! yall need to smoke IRL lol fuck
  2. no uzis available at all... just 2 pistols an 1 rifle an 1 sawoff shotgun which is serious shit lol! Yall wanna talk RP but lately cops have trigger fingers just saying not all but most.. it is what it is i guess criminals will keep taking Ls while police an continue to USE everything done with rant ohh well
  3. Its not difficult i know how to get another guns lol! not even the point im just saying Criminals keep taking Ls.... So on that note its whatever dont be so defensive it was just a question about the guns bud 😛
  4. idk how the black market takes away from RP.... we only have 1 rifle there now.... How u suppose to be bad criminal an have a gang war... but ohh well i think some of it could of been removed not all of them....
  5. Hey just wondering if its a error or not but half the guns that used to be there are gone... any info would be awesome!
  6. Your Awesome! Thanks Floppy! I know its not easy writing code. We just wanna help anyway we can!
  7. Hey Floppy most of us in VCM decided we will donate if it helps bring back storage an help optimize the servers! Please let us know we want to see Revo grow! Not even trying to make it sound like we are complaining. Just trying to offer some help!
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