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  1. Shadowplay is really wonky with FiveM but does work. You need to enable "Desktop Recording" in the Privacy Control tab of Shadowplay if that's not enough Go to FiveM directory locate citizen.fx edit the file, add DisableNVSP=0 on a new line. Should work.
  2. I have been nominated, and I will accept the nomination.
  3. LEO nominations @Hunter Reglem @Daniel Warren EMS nominations @Rex Hughes Criminal nominations @Cole Palmer @Ricky Rogers Legal nominations @Ruby York
  4. @Jasmine Kali @Paco Garcia
  5. Shoutout all the devs, I love you for making this community great and thanks for all the hardwork 😉 😘
  6. eh how about #Revoisback or #RevoFree or #RevoBackinBlack idk to even acknowledge the shit lord is a waste of thought
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