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Lexia Hasuki

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  1. Lexia Hasuki

    Mia Santo's Bio

    Trigger Warning: References car accident & child abuse in the backstory. Gender: Female Age: 26 Date of Birth: 13th May 1993 2:17 PM Nationality: British Blood Type: AB+ Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Education Level: Average, However, Did not complete Secondary School (AKA High School) Criminal History (In the UK): Manslaughter of father (Acquitted) Multiple counts of Theft & Grand Theft Auto Trespassing Possession of Illegal Weapons & Substances Aggravated Assault & Battery Threaten to harm Fraud & Giving false Statement / Alibi Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Morals: Will do whatever it takes to get the job done within reason without much issue if it is legal or not. However, the twins do still respect human life and take trying to kill someone seriously. Will opt to injure over kill if at all possible in situations that words cannot resolve. Crime Preference: Drugs & Robberies (If the crew is solid or plan good) Backstory: Birth: Twins were expected by the parents but a shock when they were identical. Both parents had good paying jobs and life was nice and stable. 12 Years Old: The twins are in the car with their mother and has a major car accident where by someone who was joyriding slamming into them sending them flying. Kills mother instantly but twins unharmed. 13-15 Years Old: Dad grows bitter over time and turns to drinking. blames the twins who reminds him of his dead wife, often snapping at them or verbally abusing them causing the twins to often hide in their bedroom to avoid their father sometimes even not eating dinner when he was especially angry that day. 15 Years Old: Dad comes home more drunk than usual and barges into the room the twins was in making them jump. The father then starts yelling at them telling them that its their fault his wife is dead and they are nothing compared to her and just a dead weight on hi. Ava tries to run past him in tears but this time he catches her and slaps her for trying to run. Mia tries to pull the father off Ava but gets punched for her trouble. The father looks down on the crying twins and tells them maybe they should join their mother and he walks out of the room. The twins run out of the room and gets to the kitchen before they are cornered by their father again, with a bottle of booze in his hand. He tells them to stay where they are and take their punishment frightened they make a move to the kitchen knives and each get one and tell him to stay back. The father laughs and lunges at the twins and through desperation they thrust the knives into their dad catching him twice in the chest. The father then looks down at the knives in shock and back at the twins before collapsing on the floor. The twins for a good while just hugged each other and cried before they called the police. Once the police was on scene the twins was taken into custody facing charges of manslaughter but was eventually cleared of charges. However, since they had killed their father the rest of the family didn't want to take in the twins and shunned them. There was no other option but to put up for adoption. During their short time at the orphanage they was told that their was a very good chance that they would be placed into foster care desperately as finding guardians willing to take twins was much more difficult, especially one with their history. Fearing the worst the twins escaped the orphanage to stay together. 16-23 Years Old: Lived on the streets doing whatever it took to survive, Stealing, scamming, mugging etc, eventually happening upon the Lost MC. Joined initially because it would be a roof over their head and food to eat. They worked hard as prospects scrubbing bikes, cooking, cleaning, being barmaids, errand runners, eventually earning their cuts. They now think of the Lost MC as their new family. Both twins however will defect if they have too. Loyal to the MC they followed what they were told, however, they began to feel that their President did not have their best interests in mind and they was being used. Recent History: Ron Black has been sent out to Los Santos to find out what has happened to the last Chapter and to re-establish a presence. The twins was chosen by him as part of this effort. After getting into town the twins have fun with a bit of flirting due to all the new faces and trying to get to know people, Loyal to the MC they followed what they were told, however, they began to feel that their President did not have their best interests in mind and was using them. The twins hang up their jackets opting instead to work alongside some other members of the criminal population of Los Santos knowing that they are more in control of their own life.
  2. It's sad to see that you had to step down, but I can totally understand that real life has to come first. You have done so many amazing things for this community. You have been the glue that kept the community together, when people had disagreements, you managed to keep track of all the strings that are needed to knit a community meeting together. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put in to this community. It's so appreciated by us all.
  3. Ying and Yang LOL @Jesse PinkmanJay Kang and @Kat Sweetser
  4. Halloween Party at Vanilla Unicorn 2019!
  5. HAHAHA the squealing brothers!
  6. Lexia Hasuki


    I can confirm that insurance is still not working. I'm sure our devs will look into this when they get a chance.
  7. Roxy Bio: Name: Roxy Sweetser (born Castello) Birthday: May 2nd 1994 First language: English and Norwegian Favourite things: Trucking and scuba diving Favourite colour: Blue plus a few other colours Family: Both parents live in Florida, but the father is from UK and mother is from Norway. Married to Kat Sweetser Personality/Attitude: Nice, reserved, carefree and loves parties Dislikes: Guns, shooting, bullying Growing up was difficult. Not knowing what was wrong with her or even if anything was wrong with her, Roxy often spent time alone, not wanting to be social or anything. This led to a lot of bullying in school. As Roxy slowly worked out that she was a lesbian, things became even more difficult. Roxy was kicked out of her parents home when she was 18 because they didn’t agree with her sexual orientation. She lived on the streets for 2 years, before she met a girlfriend and moved in with her. After a few years, Roxy found out that her girlfriend was cheating on her, so they broke up and Roxy moved out. Roxy decided it was time to move to another city and start over and that’s when she decided to go to Los Santos. After some time in LS, she met Kat and they slowly fell in love. They got married on January 5th 2019. Roxy is working as the manager at Vanilla Unicorn/The Kitty Kat Club. She is also Kat’s legal assistant in Sweetser Law Associations. She has lots of friends in the city, but being somewhat reserved, she is very selecting of who she calls her close friends. John Domino being one of them. He is always kind and supportive and Roxy really appreciates that he is in her and Kat’s life. Roxy loves Kat very much and is very protective of her. Especially after everything that has happened since she came to Los Santos. Right now, Roxy is in a happy place. She gets to do things she loves to do with her loved one Kat by her side.
  8. Lexia Hasuki

    This is me

    Name: Lexia Hasuki Birthday: March 31 First language: Both Norwegian and English Favourite things: Hunting, guns, working, fashion, cars, scuba diving Favourite colour: Most colours except browns, greens and orange Family: Both parents live in the UK. She doesn’t have any siblings but considers Kat Sweetser her sister. Personality/Attitude: Kindhearted, friendly, helpful Dislikes: Bullying, rude people, racists, backstabbers. Hates fish! Lexia is a girl in her prime 30’s, who love life and adventures. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty if she has to. She’s always there to lend a hand or an ear if a friend needs someone to talk to. She will do whatever she can do to support and stand by her friends. She’s always trying her best to be a nice girl and do what is right. She can be a bit shy at times, but only until you get to know her. Those that know her, know that she is a mother goose of sorts. It doesn’t matter if you’re a criminal, hobo, cop or anything else. She will always try to be friendly. She was born in Norway and moved to the UK when she was 12 years old. As a child, she didn’t really have many friends, but the few she had, made her strong. She has always managed fine on her own, so when a job opportunity gave her a chance to move to America, she jumped at it. She moved to New York and started working as a sales manager. Her work allowed her to travel a lot across the States, but she hadn’t really found a place to settle down until she heard about Los Santos. Not long after she arrived in Los Santos, she met Dan Hasuki. He helped her get situated and showed her around the city. Since they spent so much time together, they fell in love and got married on December 16, 2017. Dan is the love of her life and she will always be by his side and support him. Because of this, Lexia decided to quit her job as a travelling sales manager and find jobs in Los Santos instead. She decided to start up Hasuki Enterprises so that she could dedicate her time to what she loves the most; interact with people at the same time as she is working. She loves being a businesswoman and hopes to get some of her businesses up and running again after the blackout. If nothing else, she hopes that her dream of buying back the Ammunation store comes true. Lexia loves hunting and has a keen interest in guns, so when she purchased the Ammunation near Legion, it made sense. She could finally teach people about guns and how to safely use them. Lexia Is second in command in Wolf Pack, a gang started up by her husband. Lexia has lots of friends in the city, but her closest one is Kat Sweetser, the County Defender. They have a very unique bond and Lexia almost sees Kat as a younger sister she wants to protect and watch over.
  9. I totally agree! Illuminating is awesome! I also love Weakest Condition. I've been following Speedy and his gang for a long time now and hope to see them live at some point. They've all done an amazing job so far. I'm totally not jealous of Speedy's hair...nope...not at all ?
  10. Unfortunately, this is a known bug. You could try to clear your FiveM cache (leave the game folder in there alone) and try again. However, this doesn't always work, If that's the case, you will have to go into the character creation area at Legion or inside the changing room at the clothing store near the morgue. I would suggest writing down or taking a screenshot of all the settings you put in there, for the next time you have to redo your character. That way, you can create your character in no time.
  11. Lexia Hasuki


    You have to store the vehicle at a garage before taking it to the insurance place. It's been like that for a very long time.
  12. +1 to this. Since we called our wipe last May a "financial crash" or "financial tsunami" or "big tsunami", it makes sense to call this something completely different and not finance related. Back then the story was that the server room in the FIB building was on fire and wiped all our records. This made sense since there is an area in the FIB building that has evidence of a fire. For this one, it makes sense to keep it more simple, so I vote for Rigzby's suggestion.
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