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Mitchel Jansen

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  1. Big deal and Little deal (@Kai Flippinton gave me permission to upload this)
  2. Booze fixed @Isaac Mendez face
  3. This POS, as the 5year old me was scared of the black monsters, yet dumb enough to keep playing
  4. "I'm going to sue you Mitchel!" Kat Sweetser ( @Dan Hasuki )
  5. CPU: I5 8600K @3.6 RAM: 16GB 4000mhz DDR4 GPU: 1080GTX Settings: Almost everything maxed FPS: I shall check both of em later on and edit the post
  6. Depending on the mood, but the main ones are Lionheart - love dont live here Deez nuts - Face this on my own Hopsin - Ill mind of hopsin 7 Linkin park - In the end (mellen gi & tommee profitt remix) Instrumental core - A place in heaven
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