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Mitchel Jansen

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  1. Depending on the mood, but the main ones are 

    Lionheart - love dont live here

    Deez nuts - Face this on my own

    Hopsin - Ill mind of hopsin 7

    Linkin park - In the end (mellen gi & tommee profitt remix)

    Instrumental core - A place in heaven


  2. Floppy man i've never spoken to you personally, only heard about you. 

    But after reading this you must be one hell of a dude! Being this honest takes courage my man.

    Whatever you decide or happens, we stand beside you man!




  3. If you do get this error after the small FiveM update it just had, this wil be the temporary fix for it!

    1: Download Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) 5.5 from microsoft (didnt post the link because im unsure if its allowed)

    2: Install + Run It and turn off ASLR

    3: Restart PC and launch FiveM

    (This came straight from the FiveM site itself)
    Thought i'd share it with you guys in advance

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