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  1. Matilda Lawson

    Sally Jones

    Sally grew up in a town called Armidale in Australia. During her early days she was extremely into sports, which she overachieved in many of. Her favourite though was swimming. If she wasn’t at school or asleep she was in the pool. Her parents were supportive and put her into squad at the age of seven. Eight national records by sixteen lead her to being sent to the Australian institute of sport to train for the olympics. Swimming for her was a lifestyle. At the beginning of high school is where she met Rebecca and Jordy. The three of them were inseparable and made the perfect relay team. They all had different favourite strokes, so everything to them was just friendly. Sometimes, groups of three friends don’t work out, one person feels left out, or gets jealous and the relationship is destroyed. That isn’t how this friendship ended though. Three years ago, the three girls had just turned 18 and decided that before they started training for the Tokyo summer games that they would take a year in Sydney to let loose. They had paid scholarships and money was provided to them through scholarships. Three months in, and the girls had their first wild night out in Sydney. What does Sally remember from the night? Absolutely nothing. She woke up in a random Sydney condo with Nigel, the girls go to gay friend. Nothing highly unusual crossed Sally's mind, and after a cafe breakfast and coffee, she decided it was time made her way home to charge her phone and find where her friends had ended up. When her phone finally turned on at 7pm, she was instantly flooded with Snapchats from Rebecca. The last one coming in at 3am. They were a series of selfies of the three girls. The last one was just Rebecca and Jordy though. Sally made sure to screenshot all of them, because they loved having recollection of their wild nights. She tried calling them, but with no response, decided to head off to bed. At 9am, Sally was awoken by a phone call. It was her mother. She knew something was wrong. The girls were still gone, and she hadn't heard anything from them. They were missing. Days went by. Sally couldn't function. She was tested at the hospital and it was discovered that she had been heavily drugged. I'd like to say that she went into full detective mode, and solved the crime, but she didn't, instead she shut down. The girls were missing for three months before they were discovered. They had been drugged, defamed, drowned and discarded. That could've been her, and sometimes she wishes she was with them. The world went black for Sally. She remembers the locations, but not the events. She remembers moving back to Armidale, she remembers the airport, she remembers New York, and now she knows she is in Los Santos. How or why she got here, shes not quite sure. Sally is quiet and reserved, but I think she deserves to be. The world went black for Sally. She remembers the locations, but not the events. She remembers moving back to Armidale, she remembers the airport, she remembers New York, and now she knows she is in Los Santos. How or why she got here, shes not quite sure. Sally is quiet and reserved, but I think she deserves to be.
  2. Matilda Lawson

    Matilda Lawson

    Medical reports and newspaper clippings surround the small space Matilda occupies. Blonde hair dye smudged on her head and splashed onto her bandaged arms she scrolls through her twenty third open real estate website while taking another large sip of her Merlot. How did it come to this? Matilda was born into a loving family. Supportive parents, two older brothers, Dylan and Jake and a twin sister, Madison, filled the house while growing up. The sounds of laughter weren't a foreign concept and her family was her backbone. They had never really had to suffer through any devastation during their early days, so they could always remain focus on the mantra of family first.The girls discovered ballet at a young age and soon became a step above the competition, dominating their age groups. Matilda had a great relationship with all of her family, and although you may believe that nothing can beat the bond between two twins, in the Lawson family this wasn't the case. Dylan was 13 years older than Madison and Matilda and from the day they were born wanted nothing more than to protect his two sisters. Matilda grew up relying on Dylan. He was her hero and shaped every part of her. The day that he graduated from the police academy is the day she knew that's where she wanted to be too. At 15 years old, the twins were accepted into the national academy of dance and Matida’s dreams of the police academy were put on hold for the chance for fame and fortune in a field where she excelled. Age 17 is where Matilda met Theodore. He was 18 and had just started studying Medicine at the nearby University. To say she fell head over heels in love would be an understatement. She dedicated everything to pleasing him and everyone depicted this as life long love. The next two years were spent in bliss. Matilda and Madison were excelling in dancing careers, were studying and Matilda was still infatuated with Theo. At 3pm on July 14th, 2013 Matilda received a call from her parents explaining that while off duty, her elder brother Dylan had entered a police station while drunk, stolen a weapon and had been missing for the 2 hours since. She rushed to call him, and because he hadn't answered any other calls, message bank was expected. When he picked up, Matilda tried to talk him down and get some information on where he was, when hearing a response, Theodore stole the phone with the reasoning of logical thinking. Dylan hung up, and his body was later discovered on a mountain with a bullet wound through his head. Due to her inability to look after herself Matilda was force to move in with Theodore. She had become an empty shell and couldn't get the idea that she could've saved Dylan's out of her mind. Theodore was still there for her and worked to support her through the deep depression she had fallen into. Within six months of living together, Theodore decided that Matilda was right, she was to blame and she deserved punishment for her actions. He decided she was to go back to dancing. Things started small at first, if she wasn't home by 8pm, then he was right to put her in her place. Slaps, kicks and punches became so common to the point where she was dancing in long leggings and a jumper daily to stay hidden. A switched flipped in Theodore. When he decided he was done with her after and year of abuse, he branded her with his initials and two pots of boiling water, dug her a shallow grave and buried her alive. No one could confirm a suspect, so Matilda moved back with Theodore and settled into the same routine of abuse and mistreatment, the one thing she thought she deserved. Seven months later, after fight broke out about how she would start providing them with money, she was locked in the bathroom. Theodore doused the house in petrol and set it alight. The clock ticks loudly in the room she now occupies. She escaped from the hospital 54 hours ago. A body full of burns and an empty mind brings her to a place of despair. Everyone thinks she is here to dance, but how can one do that with broken ribs and a burnt body that nobody wants to see in a leotard? She is here to save her family, because if he gets his hands on them before her, did she ever deserve to live?
  3. It's not outside feelings, you offended them in character? You act like shit in the cells, you get 25% extra. Just as if you rp well and aren't a nugget you can get 25% reductions.
  4. Dude, I literally had nothing to do with your charges, I wasn't even in the room. I just find your conversation disgusting.
  5. Seems a little bit counterintuitive to say that giving you extra time ruined your RP when you are talking about shitting in vaginas in front of women who find it offensive.
  6. And I have just been told that this is not the first time you have spoke in quite derogatory ways, so, maybe think about the way you communicate.
  7. Talking about shitting in females vaginas is foul language for the server. When approached and told that you may offend someone with the language, you got cranky. If you had said that in front of me, I would have been pissed off too. Nothing about this has to do with a report. I haven't even read the report, but think that comments like that are immature and derogatory.
  8. I have been apart of the staff team of Revo for just under two years now. I have taken one break of 7 weeks at the start of this year due to personal issues, but otherwise have spent a good majority of my spare time (sometimes even work hours) helping out this community. A few months ago, it wasn’t the dev team under fire, it was the admin team, so I feel I speak from experience when I express my feelings about the way people have been speaking about the dev team. Back in December/January, as an admin team, no matter what we did or how we approached things, there was always someone in the community unhappy with our efforts. This is now what is happening to the dev team. It gets to the point were you no longer enjoy the place you work so hard for because you no longer get to RP. For every hour spent in the server, in the TS or on the forums, there is 30 messages from people asking questions and not following the chain of command for support. All of us are human, we aren’t robots, we don’t have hours in the day that don’t exist. Just because things can’t be pushed immediately, doesn’t mean there isn’t a dev trying their hardest to figure it our. While everyone has the right to criticize, think about the people who are working day and night to provide a free place for you to come and hangout and how your criticisms could be affecting them. Think about the support staff who are putting in LOA’s because of the way they are being jumped on in TS channels. Think about the amount of effort people have been putting into this community over the past few weeks, months and years that many people are just dismissing. Amelia left, and while unfortunate, it was her decision to leave in the end. We have a dev team who is trying their best, and producing some amazing shit. I joined the dev team as a junior dev back in February as I am a graphic designer who wanted to help with HTML/CSS stuff. Even though I have to have my hand held with everything I try, at least I am giving it a go. I know I can’t code, but any time Jasmine or one of our other devs asks me to help test, I’m there in the server immediately. We all have different levels of skill, we all have different abilities, doesn’t mean we aren’t trying. We have weathered so much as a community. We have some new people, we have some people who have been here from the start of GTA RP and we have some who have been here since the ARMA days. The people who are still here after all this time and have stuck through so much shit are here for the community. When something is broken, they put in a bug report and they work around it. When a dev needs help testing, or needs suggestions, they put their hand up. They don’t just sit back and expect, expect, expect. I would like to say that Darcy is the example here. Darcy saw people requesting hair cuts that other servers had and people in our server wanted and EMS uniforms that make the department look more uniform and rather than demanding it from a dev, she went out, figured it out and then asked if a dev could implement it after she developed the uniforms and code. Darcy isn’t a dev, she doesn’t want to be, but she wanted something, saw other people wanting it and she did an awesome job of getting it in. If you think you know how to get something server ready, or you think you know someone who does know how, then send them our way, because as much as I might sound like a bitch writing this, if you are not willing to help, if you are not willing to learn, why are you so willing to criticize when this is a community that is provided to you for no cost to your money, and no cost to your time? I know I typed a lot. I know it might not all make sense. But I personally am angry because we have staff who are quite upset about the way they have been spoken to over the past few days. We have staff taking breaks because they just want to enjoy this community and people are blaming them for issues that they are no way responsible for. Maybe take a look at what caused us to lose so much and blame the people responsible for tearing things down rather than blaming the people trying to put it back together. I will repeat this for the billionth time. We are all volunteers who are here because we love this community, don’t ruin our efforts. http://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/forum/93-staff-application/ http://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/forum/96-developer-application/
  9. Matilda Lawson


    A thread for appreciating Daddy Warren.
  10. YEAH NAH, #STRAYA. I grew up swimming with Sharks on the East Coast, but I'm living with a bunch of Convicts at the moment.
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