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  1. I have a few personal favorites I created that I enjoy sharing. The people involved made the experience 10/10. @Kai Flippinton had an accident and needed a Stick Removed from his ass (Dorsett University Medical Clips) with Doctor Bellingham ( @Rigzby Rollins ) That time when @Araceli Quinoa had been eating too many gummy-bears and needed a gummy - Gram "Tommy Phoenix, from the Ashes, to the STARS!" Movie Trailer This interview with Kent Jonson This coerced interview with Public Enemy #1 That one time they couldn't find Gil McGill blending in with the Nudists I'll edit and add onto this as there are too many favorites on my channel. Cheers!
  2. Justice R. Devine played by Richard Gere Circa early 1990s Gillian McGillicudy 'The Sarge' played by Joe 'Blue' Cranshaw (Old School) Gene Weathers played by Will Ferrell (Anchorman) Ezekial Kielsin (retired) played by Kevin Spacey (Lex Luther) Can't think of anything atm for Furhman OToule / Troy Jackson / Dr. Richard Fitzwell / Orrie Molotovi Cheers!
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