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  1. Kat Cosplaying as a Team Skull Grunt from Pokemon Sun/Moon (Full non selfie picture) Legend of the pink fluffy unicorn! @Lexia Hasuki @Leon Ravenscroft Kat being a fangirl
  2. So I was on the server and spotted Scooter on his new red BMX! Figured I would share it 😛 @Jericho Bane
  3. @Mitchel Jansen "Hey Kat, I took your advice!" Kat Sweetser: "What? You got the snip?" Everyone there:
  4. Congratulations goes out to @Joshua Thompson who has been promoted to Senior Support! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!
  5. Between good old Sweet tooth and this guy here, I think clowns was ruined for at least 2 generations :P Another game I can say I really hated as a kid and even to this day I just don't get it and honestly still drives me nuts is Epyx's "Impossible Mission" I never understood how to play the game fully growing up, and even now while I understand the principle idea and I have bought some of the later "Remasters" it's still a game that cheeses me off to no end.
  6. I was talking with @Lexia Hasuki today and the subject came up about games that "ruined" your childhood and by "ruined" I mean left a lasting impression on you for how bad, frustrating or otherwise. I started to wonder if others had a game or games like that and why. I figured I would also kick it off (and show my age) with one This game drove me crazy as a kid, The movie really made me want to beat the game but the game had no mercy! (a true love/hate relationship right here) The music and graphics are good for the time but the controls are stiffer than a lump of concrete, the enemies if they touch you get "stuck" on you getting 3 or 4 hits in, the objectives can be cryptic and even in 1 stage (2-2) you have a leap of faith and to cap it all off.. 1 life no continues. So why did I keep playing it? Well, as most kids of the time will remember its the 1990's and it was my new game if I wanted another I would have to save up money and get to a store to buy another one :P Most didn't even have the internet then so we made do with what we have :P As old as I am about to sound, people these days got it easy with free to play games and high-speed internet LOL! but I'm curious, what's everyone elses and why?
  7. Kinda like how this one turned out
  8. Dan Hasuki

    Bio Entry 1

    Name: Katherine Elizabeth Sweetser Alias: Kat, Panther, The Ice Queen Age/Birthday: 22, 01/03/1997 Hometown: Cambridge, UK First Language: English - British Favourite Color: Hot Pink Favourite Things: Princess Robot Bubblegum, Law, Murder, Satanism Family Members: Wife - Roxy Sweetser Personality/Attitude: Dark, Cold, Calculating, Passionate, Satanist, Bi-Sexual, Serial Killer (Currently not active) Skills: Well versed in Law, Social Networking, Social Engineering, Butchery, Spying and surveillance, Well versed in occult and Satanism Dislikes: People or Things that get in her way, Killers of Domestic Cats, People who hate her favourite show, Being called the term “Weeb” Strange Behaviors: Obsessed with Princess Robot Bubblegum Habits: Has a habit of telling VERY dark jokes. Kat has never had it easy in life, before coming to Los Santos she was a trainee nurse going through nursing school. She was quiet and self-content, However, jealousy of her fellow classmates brewed into repeated beatings and curb stompings often leaving Kat hospitalised, all the while the people beating her would berate her and her looks. After months of this, Kat in desperation sold everything she had and bought a plane ticket to Los Santos to try to escape, but the scars ran deep with her and she couldn't bear to have people see her face so she wore a cat mask to hide behind, she developed a crippling self esteem issue and that was her only way to overcome it. When she arrived in Los Santos her luggage and money were confiscated at the border and left her with only $200 to her name, even worse is it was the start of the eternal snowstorm of Los Santos that is experienced every year mid-November. The Irony was not lost on her as she found a place to sleep under a house knowing full well she needs every dollar she had just to eat and survive. That was her life for a good while, sleeping under a house buying the minimal amount of food and drink and keeping away from people. However, money was running out and so was her time so she nervously started to make her way into downtown LS. In the hopes of maybe begging for some money or doing some sort of work. She was desperate. This is where she met Lexia Hasuki, Lexia gave Kat a job opportunity. Not a legal one, but money is money when you are starving. The job being selling Cocaine. Kat was set up with a gun and basic scooter to make the job more efficient and Kat couldn't wait to get started, just to have some money in the pocket so she might find a warm place to sleep and some food in her stomach. This also led to her 1st run-in with the police who tried to catch her, she successfully fled the scene with police in chase easily outwitting them. She then changed the colour of her mask and clothes just to be safe. The police did catch up with her later, with assault rifles pointed at her no less. However, to everyone's amazement. Kat talked her way out of it and the fact that she was carrying a pistol without a licence. From there she ran coke and fur’s for Lexia and their bond as friends grew. However, more trouble was on the way. And this came in the form of Kent Jonsson. Kent had taken a liking to Kat romantically and in his own mind he was taking her on dates, however, what he was doing was kidnapping her and often leaving her hospitalised. Nights would go by with her in the fetal position crying from the pain… Then something clicked in her mind, her heart blackened you could say, she found religion, her own power. Satanism. She was tired of being the victim, the one being hurt, the one crying. She wanted to take power back for herself and her new found religion empowered her. It is something Kent found out rather fast that Kat was not going to take the abuse any longer and stood up to kent, even going as far as to kidnapping Kent taking him to a remote altar kat had set up and made him think she was going to sacrifice him to Satan. She instead cut Kent loose and from then on Kent remained scared of what Kat is capable of. But it didn't stop there. Kat wanted to see what she saw as meaningless sheep suffer too, she took to spending her nights luring people in by a helpless girl who is just looking for a ride, or fell and hurt herself before turning on them and killing them. She even sacrificed many to satan and drank of their blood, bathed in it too at times. She found her new calling. From this, she noticed that she may have to keep an eye on law enforcement, after all, they may finally start to work out who the person is killing all these people even if Kat took extra special care with her acts to leave as little behind as possible. She applied to become a defence lawyer, after all, she talked her way out of drug charges and having a gun without a licence and the DoJ was happy to accept her. She rose through the ranks fast and gained the trust of many. Many men tried to get with Kat. Damien Rhyme, Tom White, Paul Owen, Eddie Lee and John Domino to name a few but she always turned them down earning her the extra nickname “The Ice Queen” but then it happened. A new girl came into town and they started spending a little time together. Roxy started flirting with Kat and Kat did find herself attracted to Roxy. One night at vanilla unicorn after some drinks Kat and Roxy kissed and decided that they should take their friendship to the next step. This also left Kat in a bit of a crossroads and she decided to stop her night activities out of respect for her new lover Roxy. from there, they spent a lot of time together and eventually got married. Now, while Kat often wishes she could return to her old ways of murder, she has become a businesswoman as well as a lawyer but has never given up her new religion. It is one of the few things she holds close to her heart.
  9. Dan Hasuki

    Bio Entry 1

    Name: Dan Hasuki Age/Birthday: 35, 22/03/1984 Hometown: London, UK First Language: English - British Favourite Color: Blood Red Favourite Things: Killing, Digging, Chasing, Driving Fast Family Members: Wife - Lexia Hasuki Personality/Attitude: Multiple Personality Disorder. 1st is Human, Balanced & Well Mannered 2nd is Wolf, Aggressive, Instinctive, Cunning, Canine Skills: Proficient at Hunting, Racing, Digging. Partial colour blindness, Heightened sense of smell and hearing. Dislikes: Disrespectful people, discussions of vet’s, peanut butter Strange Behaviors: Can act out oddly due to wolf personality taking over which could range from getting aggressive and growling/lashing out to chasing random things. Dan Hasuki is an odd medical experiment made out of circumstances. When he first came to Los Santos it was to find his own way and get into the racing scene which lead him to join Jackal Racing However things did not go according to plan when in the middle of some fun and games with his friend “Speedy” Dan was hit by a car twice leaving him with some facial wounds. For a joke, he put on a wolf mask that got him threatened by someone in which he fled for his life and was hogtied and dragged back. This lead to his downfall into PTSD where he did not feel comfortable taking off the mask. As time moved on the mask imprinted itself into Dan's own mind and gave rise to a multiple personality disorder. The second personality is a wolf. As the second personality started to manifest it caused much internal conflict for Dan including him contemplating taking his own life as he was scared of losing himself, losing his identity to this other mindset that was growing stronger and stronger. Then the next accident happened. Dan was hit while riding a motorcycle causing him to slam head first into a car and both the motorcycle and the car exploding. Under the effects of morphine and extreme pain, Dan was informed that he would need cranial reconstruction surgery to fix his skull. However unknown to the hospital the second personality pushed to make the decision to have the skull reconstructed as a wolf. Doctors, confused and perplexed performed an extremely time-consuming surgery with a donor wolf as well as plates to hold the skull in place to follow through with Dan’s wishes. He was then released and realised what has happened to him, however, at this point he started to become at peace with his other mind and began to balance it knowing full well there is no going back. From this point on he has made many friends and foes and even has gotten married Lexia Flower, now known as Lexia Hasuki. Dan has also been in an incident with a Terrorist Group in which his hand was cut off and was not able to have it reattached, as such it was decided for him to have him made a custom humanoid bionic paw to better suit his personalities. Dan has also formed a gang (Wolfpack) and has been roaming the streets of Los Santos and howling at the moon ever since, even if he still questions things such as if he is even still bound by human law.
  10. Well, I'll share my never-ending ongoing project. Note this is a test render and something I plan to work on more at some point in the future (I would also like to ask it not to be taken into the game! -thanks!) I also really have to work on that ending... never been happy with it honestly And why not! Some Classic Dan moments too! (Parental advisory on this one)
  11. Couldn't help but bring this classic back @Lexia Hasuki @Darcy Reid @Michael Green @Rigzby Rollins
  12. New forum, New Selfie thread! Show us your favourite or funny selfies (and as per usual this is not for use in-game )
  13. A Few things to note when applying for a business licence! Requirements: The owner must be felony free for 30 days. There is an initial licence fee of $10,000. Working with an Attorney is NOT needed, however, it can be of benefit to you as they will know best how to word your application and assist in the hearing. Every 2 months there is a renewal cost of $1,000. This is to ensure that the business is still active. The applicant must be willing to go to a hearing with a judge in regards to the licence application. The person posting the application should be the person seeking to get the licence or an attorney. Getting a business licence in no way guarantees that you will get dedicated development time for your business. If in doubt contact one of the Justices via PM beforehand! When applying for a business please use the following template Requested Company Name: How will your Company benefit the Citizens of San Andreas: (Minimum 250 Words) Company Head Office: (Please be realistic with this) Company CEO/Owner: (What character is applying) Company Employees: (If applicable)
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