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Kat Sweetser

Head of Support
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  1. "I Waaaaaaaant gooooooooolfish! ~" 🎤 @Charlotte Paige (The goldfish chomper) 2019
  2. When in Sandy Shores... Respect their way of life! @Johnny Kimble
  3. "I am not a nice person" - @Maya Janssen 2019
  4. So on a random whim and nostagia kick I decided to start an (what I would like to think is) interesting playthrough where my main and only battle Pokémon is the glitch MissingNo. (also an inside joke or two between me and @Eddie Lee) For those who don't know what MissingNo is, its one of the most famous game glitches of all time thanks to some programming oversights and the original Red/Blue/yellow being about as stable as a house of cards in a hurricane as soon as you do anything outside the intended set path. Issues can include but not limited too: Glitched graphics Glitched Audio Corrupt Hall of Fame Anyone interested in learning more about MissingNo can click this link >here< Now onto the rules of this challenge: NO Cheats, Hacks or Exploits. (Beyond getting 2 free Masterballs and a Wild Pokemon Modifier to get the challenge started) I will be doing my best to use MissingNo. Only for battle, the game cannot be completed without HM users and if MissingNo faints another Pokémon will have to be used in a trainer battle. In this instance I will try to intentionally lose the fight, and as a last option use a revive on MissingNo. In Battle Item's are OK to use. As a side note: I did not vocally commentate on this video but if there is demand for it, I will. also I have skipped all the walking unless its a 1st time entry into an area or a key moment to the game's plot (or something crazy happens)
  5. #DatHair selfie taken at Kat's favourite store @Paul Owen @James Ramfield
  6. The issue should now be resolved if you notice any odd behaviour while manufacturing please contact someone from support on the issue. Thanks!
  7. Please be aware that there is currently an issue with manufacturing items, the development team is already aware and a hotfix will be going live shortly to address this! In the meantime, we ask that people if they can help it avoid manufacturing for the time being and this post will be updated by a developer once the patch has been pushed to the live server! Thank you!
  8. Congratulations goes out to @Lexia Hasuki and @Vitami Gattington who have been promoted to Senior Support! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!
  9. Kat chilling with the girls! @Lexia Hasuki(Roxy Sweetser) @Nova Taylor @Bernie Staff @Cindy Dimitrijev @Rex Hughes
  10. Kat Cosplaying as a Team Skull Grunt from Pokemon Sun/Moon (Full non selfie picture) Legend of the pink fluffy unicorn! @Lexia Hasuki @Leon Ravenscroft Kat being a fangirl
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