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  1. Thank you all that attended the meeting! ❤️ General Points that was discussed: General community address and server health Staff roster updates Rule Changes in regards to civilians in a situation Government department updates Brainstorm of whitelisted gang perks / changes Q&A with the community For those who missed the meeting a recording can be found >here< Just be warned it is 3 hours long! - Kat
  2. When you see it... @Roxy Sweetser @Armin Brusnikow Thomas Mccandless
  3. Had a staff help you and wanted to thank them publicly for it? Here's the thread for that! ❤️ Don't forget to tag the staff member too! We will also announce any promotions or new additions to the team right here so you can congratulate them!
  4. Sure thing! Easter Bunny Dan: Lone Grave on the mountain in Grapeseed - "It was a grave mistake to be here!", "... It's sad to see a lone grave though" Pillbox Medical - "Hey Guys, Come on! Have a heart"*, "I Wonder what fish are in this fishtank?" Bishop's Chicken on Palomino Freeway - "Did you know, even the bishop loves chicken!", "It's Kinda noisy out here >.<" Stab City, Lost MC Camp - "I'm glad you guys are enjoying yourselves and having a good stab at this!" Badger Office in Vinewood - "I got my bill from Lifeinvader! It was super high, I think I found a new provider to switch too!", "Kinda reminds me of an old meme though", "Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Mushroom, Mushroom!" Sandy Shores Alien Hippie Camp - "After watching the X-Files recently, I have decided to try to contact aliens! I found the perfect spot too!" Easter Bunny Lexia: Sandy Shores Airfield - "I'm in charge of air control!" Motion Ocean ship at the trucking docks - "It's not all about the size but the motion in the ocean!" ,"I Wonder whats in all these boxes" ,"This all reminds me of a song that goes I'm on a boat motherfucker don't you ever forget" Rex's Diner - "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family ????" Parking Lot opposite the vinewood movie studio - "I'm at the most colorful parking lot in all of San Andreas!" Paleto Sheriff's Office - "Why do they need 2 Helipad's here?" Pisswasser Factory - "Getting real drunk, puking face down, Billying and bobbin' while every kid's in town!**" Bonus! Unused Locations that was considered: Wind Farm - Up n' Atom Diner in Paleto - "You know, I cant remember the name of a game but I remember it says "War, War never changes" Empty TV Billboard near Vinewood Bowl - "Hrm.... If I jump high enough, maybe I can be on TV!" The Vineyard - "It's all about the grapes" * Heart was referring to the heart logo on Pillbox Hospital ** This is a quote from the Pisswasser radio ad
  5. Thanks to everyone that came out for the Easter Egg Hunt and I hope you all had fun! If you like these sorts of seasonal events or random things such as this feel free to leave a positive reaction to this post! Also feel free to contact me or @Roxy Sweetser or post below with any feedback you would like to give on the event and we will be happy to listen and talk ???? Now, Here are the winners and what they got! 5x Diamonds @Isaac Mendez @Paul Gale 5x Rubies Kevin Flame (@Cole Palmer) @Bob Sulivan 10x Gold Bars Scooter Loggins (@Jericho Bane) Johnny Balboa (@Johnny Kimble) $100,000 @Robert Jesse Bronwyn Kobe Jefferson (@Eddie Lee) $250,000 @Edward Owen @Eevee Owen Tuner Laptop @Andy Wick @Toby Blackmoore (Event Closing Prize) Obey 8F Drafter @Andy Wick (Event Closing Prize) Enus Paragon R Kevin Flame (@Cole Palmer) Congratulations to you all and I hope you enjoy your prizes!
  6. Updated the event with something a little extra ????
  7. Hey everyone! Just a heads up on an event this weekend! What is happening? To mix things up a bit this Easter holiday we will be trying a special event, it's something some people have wanted in the past and as we try to move forward we are only too happy to try this out! After the Easter Egg hunt is over, stick around for an extra set of mystery prizes ???? When is it happening? It will take place this Sunday (12th of April) during the 2 PM CDT restart once enough people are on the server! What will we be doing? Once your on the server be ready for in-game announcements ???? What can I win? Prizes will include: Money Gems Gold Bars 2 Tuner Laptops and.... 2 Mystery Prizes! How many times can I win? Just one prize per person ???? during the initial Easter Egg Hunt and everyone is able to take part and have a chance at the mystery prizes at the end even if they have won a prize during the hunt! Who can I talk too about this? This event is being run by myself, @Roxy Sweetser and @Jasmine Kali. However, please keep any and all questions coming to me or Roxy ???? Jasmine is a very busy person ????
  8. ???? Born in the USA! ???? @Micky Jackin & @Edward Owen
  9. Figured we would have a good laugh with a challenge! 15k budget for car and upgrades, 1st person camera only and last car running wins! Racers: @Edward Owen - (Kinda, his car went missing LOL he did have a Regina but in the video he is on a go-kart) @Eevee Owen - Surfer Van @Kat Sweetser - Emperor @Micky Jackin - Rhapsody @Roxy Sweetser - Asea This is the highlights from my own view of the race with 30 mins of editing! 1st place - Kat 2nd place - Micky 3rd place - Eevee May do some more of these! If your interested comment below ????
  10. 'murrca! @Lexia Hasuki @Edward Owen @Eevee Owen @Micky Jackin
  11. Earlier that day: End result: 4 Casualties (including getting blown up, shot and falling down mountains), 5 lost motorcycles but 1 great night full of laughs!
  12. Hey All! For those who was not able to make the community meeting held today, here is a recording so you can listen in! >>Click Me!<< What was discussed: Floppy addressed the community on communication Floppy & Jasmine discussed upcoming development projects White-listing discussion and what it may mean for the server Upcoming new donation systems and more topics from the open floor Q&A with the community If you have any questions or feedback you can post them right here! Thanks everyone!
  13. So I was sitting there listening to some music at my PC while I work and started to wonder on Revo what do people use and why? Feel free to share what service you use or not and why ???? For me its Apple music, it was cheaper here for a family plan than Spotify was with just as good, if not better selection as well as the ability to put my own music that is not on the service (such as some of my game OST's) onto my iCloud account to stream to my devices and since we use iPhone's its pre-baked into the OS. That said while I can use it via iTunes on PC and there is an android app as well but do kinda wish it had a browser system like Spotify. So what about you guys?
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