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Heads up - The in game Twitter is not for chatting. It's being used the wrong way and needs to stop. Conversations should happen in texts please utilize this feature.

Kat Sweetser

Head of Support
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  1. #DatHair selfie taken at Kat's favourite store @Paul Owen @James Ramfield
  2. The issue should now be resolved if you notice any odd behaviour while manufacturing please contact someone from support on the issue. Thanks!
  3. Please be aware that there is currently an issue with manufacturing items, the development team is already aware and a hotfix will be going live shortly to address this! In the meantime, we ask that people if they can help it avoid manufacturing for the time being and this post will be updated by a developer once the patch has been pushed to the live server! Thank you!
  4. Congratulations goes out to @Lexia Hasuki and @Vitami Gattington who have been promoted to Senior Support! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!
  5. Kat chilling with the girls! @Lexia Hasuki(Roxy Sweetser) @Nova Taylor @Bernie Staff @Cindy Dimitrijev @Rex Hughes
  6. Kat Cosplaying as a Team Skull Grunt from Pokemon Sun/Moon (Full non selfie picture) Legend of the pink fluffy unicorn! @Lexia Hasuki @Leon Ravenscroft Kat being a fangirl
  7. So I was on the server and spotted Scooter on his new red BMX! Figured I would share it 😛 @Jericho Bane
  8. @Mitchel Jansen "Hey Kat, I took your advice!" Kat Sweetser: "What? You got the snip?" Everyone there:
  9. Congratulations goes out to @Joshua Thompson who has been promoted to Senior Support! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!
  10. Between good old Sweet tooth and this guy here, I think clowns was ruined for at least 2 generations :P Another game I can say I really hated as a kid and even to this day I just don't get it and honestly still drives me nuts is Epyx's "Impossible Mission" I never understood how to play the game fully growing up, and even now while I understand the principle idea and I have bought some of the later "Remasters" it's still a game that cheeses me off to no end.
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