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  • Introduction
    This page is the central rules list for the entirety of our GTA V roleplay community. You are expected to know and be familiar with all the rules on this page before playing on our server, this includes checking back frequently for any updated rules.

    We want to foster great roleplay and experiences while you play on our roleplay servers. As such these rules are strictly enforced and are punishable by a kick or ban from our servers or community with no warning.

    It is your responsibility to follow and keep up to date with our rules, nobody will be grandfathered in or is exempt to the rules. If you encounter a player breaking any of our rules do not break RP to call them out. Gather evidence, then visit our player reporting section and follow the instructions there.

    All rules are subject to admin discretion. 
    If you are unsure about any rules please ask a support member or above.
    If you witness someone breaking a rule, this does not give you the right to break rules too, stay calm and in-character, obtain video-evidence and then report said, individual.


    1. You must be 18 years or older to play here (exceptions may be made)
    2. This is an English language community. Roleplay must be conducted in English
    3. Player names must be an appropriate first and last name (famous names may not be used and all names are subject to admin review)
    4. Crimes during the first and last 30 minutes of the server restarts are prohibited. This time is to be used for winding down and allowing users to connect.
    5. At all times you must value your life and the lives of others. This includes, but is not limited to: 
      • Being outnumbered
      • Being unable to escape 
      • Having a gun pointed at you
      • Intentionally ramping off ramps, piers, or large jumps is considered NVL (not valuing life)
    6. Random Deathmatch and Vehicle Deathmatch (RDM/VDM) is not allowed. 
    7. You cannot kill someone without first having interaction or announcement of your presence by yourself or your group (including civilians, gangs, and cops)
    8. We have ZERO tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, abuse, or harassment. Your immediate and permanent removal from the community may result. 
    9. We do not allow extremism, terrorism, torture, rape, or corruption. (Corruption includes law enforcement and medical services)


    Fail RP

    1. Dropping or dumping any items while handcuffed by law enforcement is not permitted 
    2. You may not restart a robbery if the timer glitches, stops, or you back out before it completes. This would be considered a failed robbery and the roleplay must continue as such. This includes not returning to the area for 15 minutes after making a getaway and attempting to rob the same store. 
    3. You may only take a hostage if there are four or more cops clocked in. (/onDutyCops) 
    4. Maximum $10,000 per hostage will be allowed during negotiations    
    5. Using any means to transfer money from one of your own characters to another of your characters is not permitted. 
    6. Your alternate characters may know each other but cannot share information or knowledge without gaining it through RP
    7. You are expected to roleplay out your injuries realistically and any consequences that your injuries involve (this includes lying about your injuries to LEO or EMS) 
    8. Jumping from elevated areas to get away from anyone and getting yourself incapacitated is considered Fail RP
    9. Using in-game emote or gestures to glitch your character through walls, doors, gates, etc
    10. Items behind LEO locked doors and gates are off limits while they are locked
    11. Fort Zancudo and all military vehicles are off limits
    12. Helicopters and planes may not be used unless by LEO, EMS, or a whitelisted licensed pilot
    13. Quarry dump trucks and mounted gun vehicles are prohibited  
    14. Obtaining weapons from NPCs or vehicles is prohibited. If you obtain any weapons they must be turned over to LEO, dropped, or destroyed.  
    15. Power gaming is not allowed. You may not use items, actions, or emotes that are not in-game to excessively change the roleplay scenario.   
    16. Trolling and any unbecoming roleplaying attitude is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to:
      • Cop baiting
      • Blaring horns
      • Blaring music
      • Forcing unwanted involvement in RP situations
      • Excessive swearing
    17. You are not allowed to combat log. Combat logging is defined as disconnecting while in an active RP scenario. This includes but is not limited to:
      • Disconnecting whilst you're being followed;
      • Disconnecting whilst you're being processed by an LEO;
      • Disconnecting whilst you're being held hostage;
      • Disconnecting whilst you're being revived by either EMS or an LEO
    18. If you become disconnected while in an RP scenario you must immediately try to reconnect and contact those involved that you are attempting to reconnect. 
    19. Do not combat store. For example: switching vehicles at a garage during an active chase
    20. OOC chat and /411 is not for conversations, they are only to be used for emergencies during RP
    21. Major crimes (bank/jewelry store/heists) may only be performed by a maximum of 8 people. This includes those tripping alarms, lookouts, and robbers. 
    22. Animal models are not to be used. The only exception is with LEO for the K9 unit. 
    23. Gangs must be established by a gang application.
    24. Hospitals are a crime green zone, this means no crime within a hospital or the immediate area.



    1. You cannot use anything that your character would not know to your advantages. This includes but is not limited to streams, forums, text (chat), etc.
    2. You are not allowed to mention other people's names if you have not acquired that information from someone.
    3. If you are found to be metagaming via information your character would not know or by watching someone’s stream the minimum ban time will be one week and will be determined by admin discretion. 
    4. Hostages must be genuine and not be willing participant with the hostage takers. Both parties will be found at fault if hostages are not genuine. 
    5. Third Party Communications (e.g. Discord) are not allowed.


    New Life Rule

    The following New Life Rules apply to everyone except in any case where an admin+ rules otherwise. These rules are strictly enforced and if you’re found not abiding by the following New Life Rules you will be punished.



    You may remember all events up to being knocked out but may not remember anything while on the ground.


    You may remember everything from being knocked out to be brought back up.


    You must stay away from the place you respawned from for 15 minutes. If you choose to respawn you may not remember the events leading up to your incapacitation. 


    Cheating, Exploiting, & Hacking

    1. You are not allowed to use any scripts, hacks or any mods not promoted by RMOG staff. This will result in an immediate permanent ban.
    2. You are not allowed to use any exploit in order to get an advantage, breaching this rule will result in a ban at admin discretion (up to a permanent ban). If you discover an exploit please report it immediately to an Admin or in the Issues tab with evidence.
    3. Exploiting can be defined as, but not limited to:
      • Duplicating items;
      • Duplicating money;
      • Abusing any bug that might be present in-game in order to obtain an advantage;
      • Going AFK whilst clocked-in as EMT/PD/SO in order to 'farm' paychecks;
      • Screen altering effects, crops, or anything similar giving a player an advantage is strictly prohibited.

    These are merely examples. This, therefore, means that there are other ways that you could be exploited, just have a bit of common sense and don't take chances if you think that what you are doing could be violating this rule.

    If you have been banned on one account, you are not allowed to use another account in order to evade the original ban. If you are caught ban evading or helping someone ban evade you will be punished accordingly.


    1. You are expected to be on TS if you are in-game this is due to the fact that we use TokoVOIP. You can download TokoVOIP by clicking HERE.
    2. Advertising on the TS server (another server, service, or product) other than RMOG is a bannable offense. Also applies to forums and In game. 
    3. Failure to install TokoVOIP will result in a kick from the server. You will be prompted with a TokoVoip message until you have it installed/joined channel.
    4. You must always have a working mic when playing on the server unless you have a prior agreement with staff.
    5. Don't abuse your TS permissions (mass move, etc.).
    6. Trolling and Harassment rules apply in-game and TS.
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