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Althea Castillo

Clarification regarding the vehicle swapping bug

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If your vehicle was purchased BEFORE the patch on July 9th:
It is a ticking time bomb and still has the chance to suddenly swap.
If your vehicle has swapped please follow these instructions:

  1. Take a picture of the vehicle in your garage
  2. Take a picture of you selling the vehicle.
  3. You then need to make compensation request with the picture you took and staff will then be able to process the refund. 
  4. It is then safe to replace the vehicle with the same model should you wish.

** Any modifications to the vehicle must be documented, eye witnesses to upgrades will not count toward the compensation **


During the community meeting, there were a couple statements of vehicles purchased AFTER  the patch on July 9 swapping.
However there have been no new bug reports stating that the issue has still been persistent.

If you have experienced this, please submit a bug report with pictures and date of purchase for developers to be able to work on it. Then follow the above instructions.


If you are found exploiting this bug by not reporting and fixing any vehicle swap you may have experienced, It will be punishable by admin discretion as exploiting is against the server rules. 

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