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Althea Castillo

Community Meeting Polls

Community Meeting Polls  

68 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. Should Player Reports be Privatized

    • Yes, Keep it just between the accuser, accused, mod and admin teams.
    • No, everyone will just find out anyway.
    • We already have the issues tab if someone wants it private.
  2. 2. Repair Costs

    • Costs are fine. Utilize mechanic RP.
    • Could be reduced a bit.
    • Needs to be reduced a lot.
    • How damage and costs happen should be looked at all together and more realistic.
  3. 3. Police Key Cards

    • Have the encryption change randomly.
    • Reduce being able to stockpile them - 1 on your person and 1 in storage (max 2)
    • Combination of both.
    • Another type of compromise.
    • Nothing it's fine. Just punish those who are robbing cops with no RP or excessively robbing cops.

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There were 3 topics brought up in yesterday's community meeting that majority felt the entire community should have a chance to weigh in on. 

Please read through each section and select your options on the poll. 
Discussion will be allowed in the comments as long as it is kept civil. 


Privatizing Player Reports -

There have been some questions regarding keeping these things private. Community members have voiced being hesitant and reluctant to post player reports due to the salt fest or undue attention that usually arise from them. This has also been the case with why people have avoided speaking to other players OOC before placing player reports. Reminder from the community manager - If you do receive harassment please speak up. Rule #8: We have ZERO tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, abuse, and/or harassment. Your immediate and permanent removal from the community may result.

The general idea of how it would work is the accuser would submit a player report which would only be visible by the OP and the Mod/Admin team accounts. They would then create a private message between the involved parties so the accused may be able to defend themselves. Keeping the report in private setting. 

During the community meeting people seemed split or impartial.
Some cons that were brought up:
1. People could still find out anyway because we are a small community and rumors spread like wildfire, so if it's not public things may be obscured and wrong information given.
2. We have the issues tab already. The only problem with this is the OP/Accuser is kept anonymous so it is difficult to reach out with further questions unless they give their name.
3. Someone who may have seen the situation and have information may not be able to know it was reported and be able to speak up.
4. People may feel staff aren't doing their job if action is not shown publicly. We are not required to prove action was taken, but we have been getting called out for not doing our jobs cause you don't see all the back side stuff being done.


Repair Costs -

"Along time ago the community talked alot about not wanting this to be all about grinding, yet that what people do since the repair costs are so high. Almost 2 weeks ago it was stated in the patch notes and by developers on the forum, that the repair costs would be reduced due to the issues with desync. We have yet to see any significant reduction in repair costs and the desync is still a thing. My question is; When will the repair costs get reduced to more acceptable level? Right now it's unfair to pay 5-10k for a vehicle that randomly starts smoking without getting a scratch or bump."

  • Desync is client side and can not be fixed.
  • Handling is under constant development and there are constant development.
  • Developers would need more finite detailed issues around what it is that is destroying your vehicles in order to tweak things.
    • What vehicle, circumstance around the incident
  • An attempt to make sure teleport locations (storage) don't cause vehicle damage is being made.
  • There is a logical reason why the costs are the way they are. It isn't just deciding to charge a random large amount.


Key Card Abuse -

"Key card abuse is crazy, how key cards are all the same and never change encryption. No where in the real world would you have a key card system that could not be re-encrypted if compromised. You have criminals stock piling cards like guns and can just use another one after another one if their last one gets taken away. Honestly it's effed up. Been saying this for a while."

This is something that has been extremely abused and cops are getting robbed multiple times a day, EVERYDAY. It is ridiculous that they can be stock pilled and never expire. Devs are cautious because this may seem like favoritism to cops and they are already accused of this. 

  • The constant robbing is lacking RP, no one is robbing with reason but to stockpile key cards. 
  • Cops are getting burnt out of this constant behavior. It is not conducive to a healthy RP environment
    • On the other side if they are expiring won't they get robbed more?
  • This does not feel like a win mentality but goes more along the lines of the more serious RP we strive for on the Revo server.
  • Could a compromise be met regarding the key cards. Like changing it randomly so there is an expiration on it.
  • Crims keep stockpiling them. Would a way to reduce being able to stock pile them work as a compromise?
    • At the most 1 on your person and 1 in storage (option suggested)
  • Devs are not sure what kind of encryption change are possible, but if the community is okay with moving forward with a compromise system they would look into options for coding this. 

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-The Repair costs I think for the most part are in the right ballpark but I think some of the cheaper cars/newer players are getting the (forgive my language) "shit end of the stick.". Even myself I have almost paid 10% of the total cost of my motorbike in the 3 days I have owned it in repair bills, none of which were actual damage to the bike. I get off it, walk 10 feet come back and the bike is smoking with no physical damage on the bike. I think it needs some tweaking but I am quite happy with the fact that my more expensive vehicles are costing more. It feels more realistic


-For the Key Card Abuse, and I know there would probably be backlash but since police tools were made to implement RP and it's not anymore. It's promoting Rob-Play, constant robbing or even better shooting down cops then robbing them which in reality makes sense but it seems in pretty poor taste. My suggestion would be to remove the tools altogether. Make them alt-menu things. Force people who want the tools the PD has to have to kidnap a PD member. Higher the stakes, less grave-robbing.

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5 minutes ago, Jeff Bear said:

Force people who want the tools the PD has to have to kidnap a PD member. Higher the stakes, less grave-robbing.

I actually like that suggestion, instead of the current scenario. It encourages RP, instead of (borderline?) RDM magdumping just to get keycards.

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Posted (edited)

@Althea Castillo ,

The key card issue ultimately comes down to unlocking RP opportunities. I broke into prison and hid within to attempt to free a friend yesterday, yet there is NO other way to access these facilities other than direct force in some capacity.

A simple change to promote healthy RP is to give criminals a means to craft an item that allows them to break into police stations, and access restricted areas. 

The alternative is we decide that breaking someone out of jail/prison is fail RP and the capability goes away completely.

You have a core problem. There are RP elements that criminals can only access by getting a key card from a LEO. Give criminals an alternative means, and make the cards unable to be stolen (again they would be useless IRL immediately after being reported stolen).

Many criminals don't want to rob police, and would rather spend the extra time crafting or creating an alternate means to accomplish these goals. At this time we are unfortunately forced to rob police due to current limitations.

Edited by Mike Michaelson
Phone Autocorrect
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I think repairs could be reduced a little for the common folk, but be very low costs for mechanics to do them. This brings tons of RP to the mechanic shops and opens opportunities for other RP. It also allows the mechanic to make good money on labor costs/tips doing repairs (i.e materials for repair is 300, after labor its 2000 or what ever they want to charge extra). After all, it is their profession, and they dont have to change their professions to gather chests, or other things to make money.


Key cards:

I think the combination of limiting stock pile of 1 on person, 1 in storage, in addition to punishment for repeated robbery of LEO in a short time span should resolve this issue.

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I'm just going to be blunt about this.

About 8/10 times, robbing cops ends up being no RP. What I mean by this is that their only motivation is to get their friends out of prison or steal weapons from cops to use against other people or cops. There is 0 RP in that IMO. There is no originality in RP. It's extremely  two dimensional. There is no complicated reasons as to why someone robs a cop. For instance, someone could rob a cop to get their key card in order to get in their "evidence" room in order to obtain drugs like cocaine or meth etc. Though cops don't have physical evidence to give, it would be RP'd as them trying to get it etc. We rely too much on mechanics in RP and people don't see that there are other avenues to pursue. 

And what's this need to get your friend out of prison? This happens more often than it should. To show loyalty? This game is fictional, but there is a sense of realism as well. How does this make sense for your character? Your friend is going to prison either way and you also will go to prison for breaking them out. There is no sense of fear from anyone against cops. When we tell someone to go against a wall because there is a violent situation, there is no fear, just people sassing cops like they are offended to be asked to do it. 

Where is the real Role Play in robbing cops all the time? Why add another crafting mechanic just to get in PD. Why target cops in general and not allow them to be the 3rd party? Is this just me that feels this way?


Player reports? Make it private so that people feel comfortable. It'll likely come out anyway because the person reporting or the person getting reported will speak about it to others anyway, however, there needs to be a safe place for these type of things so people don't get targeted for reporting. There are people who will take offense and get upset. For me, I feel that it's not fair to the reporter because YOU broke the rules. When you signed up for Revo and got your tags, you agreed you understood the rules, therefore you are held accountable for your actions on Revo - whether in Server, TS or Forums. Its is your fault for breaking the rules or unless you didn't mean to. Own up to it.


Costs for repairs is whatever for me. I don't really care.

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The results of these polls was announced in the community meeting but in case you were not there and have not seen the community meeting notes here are the results.

  • Should player reports be privatized?
    • Result- No, we already have the issues tab if someone wants it private.
    • If you would like to make a private player report-
      • Use the same player report format
      • Include your name
      • A private message will be sent from the Admin team to the players involved so it can be handled privately.
  • Repair costs?
    • Result - Could be reduced a little.
      • Costs have been reduced by 90% since the last community meeting and is currently active.
      • Mechanics will still make it cheaper.
  • Key Cards?
    • Result - Punish those who are excessively rob or are robbing with no RP
      • Still in discussion on how to proceed with this.

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