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Mark Spiros

cya revo fun time knowin ya all

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Your friend Ray was actually really pleasant to RP with. He took his prison time in stride and got time off because he never once was offensive or going OOC with anger. What happened at the bank was proper protocol for all cops. Has nothing to do with us being "power tripping fucks". 

Hopefully you find a server the better suits you. Maybe you'll be a bit kinder and understanding, instead of getting OOC angry.

Wish you the best of luck.

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Not directed at anyone there? Irrelevant. It was said loud enough for everyone there to hear. It was on top of the foul language your char would constantly use, the consistent mysoginistic things your char says.

Jericho's shooting you two was NOT RDM. From his perspective, he gave warning. Your chars had been identified with sufficient proof.

The player report was irrelevant - you continually have been doing criminal things, causing trouble, and generally being a troll. That is an attitude fitting more to GTA:O than a RP server.

As a final note - the objection to the "joke" WAS brought up IC. AND NOT BY A COP! By someone who was trying to warn you about the possible consequences.

Hopefully some day you will figure out you need to take responsibility for your own actions. For now, just take a break. I get being upset about things that happen IC. Ultimately, it is just a game, and part of the game is dealing with the consequences of things your character does. When it bugs you like that, just minimalize what you do IC and get to a point where you can step back from the situation for a while.

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Policing like real life eh? You're probably one of those same people who just watch youtube videos of cops fucking up, and going at it hard core in the comment section.

By your own admission, remarks were said that others found foul and didn't enjoy IC, or OOC. and *SOMETHING* tells me, this is a major indication of your interactions with other people in the server. You have this MAJOR anti-cop bias, yet preach how the cops must be terrible here, just like IRL. That in itself, is limited your enjoyment of RP. 

Yet the hilarious part, is you try to justify your position by making definitive statements, as if anyone disagreeing is simply wrong, and uneducated. Let me give you some advice there "pal," that's one of the top was to lose any debate.

Someone telling you to go to another server isn't cool in my book. But if all you wanna do is encourage behavior that others really DO NOT enjoy, then I'll have to just shed my snowflake tears for 1 less person in our community, that so many of use put a lot of time and passion into.



Please, don't leave... 





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