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Notice: Informal Issue Reporting

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Hi All

There has been a reported increase in members of our community who are reaching out to some of our staff members in an informal manner in order to bring up bugs, player issues, ideas and features. Our staff members are on a volunteer basis and their time is theirs when they choose. We have always provided forum-based outlets to be able to report and suggest things in a more communal fashioned. In some instances, we have received reports that members have been tracking down staff and developers outside of the community through twitch, steam and other discords to get their attention. This is not okay.

Moving forward any lack of utilizing our formal forum features can and will result in warnings being given out. This includes private messaging through TeamSpeak. 

Please utilize our forum features moving forward.


Player Reports:

Compensation Requests: 

LEO Complaint: 

EMS Complaint:

DOJ Complaint: 

Bug Reports: 

Dev Suggestions: 


Thank you all


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