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Darcy Reid

Take 2! Revolution Life: The Movie. Who plays your character?

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It's been a while since I started this thread.  New forum, new folks, new cast!  Who would play your character in the movie of this game?

DC Darcy Motherfuckin Reid played by the majestic Anna Kendrick


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I'm slowly finding my actors.  


Got one for Tuukka Koivu. The Phoneix Wright [as said by Kat Sweetser] of law.  Done right by his name sake Tuukka Rask 





Gotta find one more for Alys Seguin 

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Justice R. Devine played by Richard Gere Circa early 1990s



Gillian McGillicudy 'The Sarge' played by Joe 'Blue' Cranshaw (Old School)

tenor.gif Blue-Old-School-Sir-Yes-Sir.gif

Gene Weathers played by Will Ferrell (Anchorman)


Ezekial Kielsin (retired) played by Kevin Spacey (Lex Luther)



Can't think of anything atm for Furhman OToule / Troy Jackson / Dr. Richard Fitzwell / Orrie Molotovi


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