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Althea Castillo

Mental Health Awareness

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Hey everyone!!

I had a post on the last forums that I feel was really beneficial to the community and wanted to bring it back.


In the United States:




So I felt this was a good time to bring this conversation back. In my original post I gave a huge shout out to my husband @Tavis for finally speaking up about his long battle with anxiety and depression.



Tavis has dealt with it most of his life. In 2010 he was officially diagnosed with severe depression and severe social anxiety. Both of which sometimes leave him in such a debilitated state he can not leave the house or function normally. Then more recently our family doctor told us he believes Tavis may have a form of PTSD and suggested we seek further evaluation. After dealing with a lot of things last year he had to step away from role playing and even stepped back from streaming. So when he openly shared his battle for the first time it was huge.
What's disappointing is it shouldn't have been the big deal that it was. Unfortunately there is such a stigma about mental health, a person will usually associate those things as weak and shameful and thus will keep it to themselves bottling it up, etc.  
For myself, I have battled with a form of PTSD, Grief, and Depression since 2006. At some point my brain went into a survival mode and I began boxing those memories and feelings. But it got worse when I essentially boxed them and put them behind a wall behind a mine field in my mind. I couldn't really feel anymore. Only recently as I started to try to deal with these things have I been able to cry for the first time in YEARS. 


This post is to bring awareness to mental health.
Break the silence. Break the stigma. It's okay to not be okay.


This community is family and please don't be afraid to speak up. Much Love!




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Very good post. Thank you for sharing. Mental issues are illnesses like any other in the medical fields and the stigma is quite unhelpful. What adds to that in my eyes is the medical system in the US which makes proper therapy and counceling highly costly and tough to get. That is a shame especially given how effective therapeutic approaches are (mainly cognitive behavioral therapy, since there are multiple approaches to therapy, not a fan of psychoanalysis or any other freudian derivatives for lacking efficiacy), proven by numerous studies to be as effective as antidepressants, and in major cases best used in conjunction. Its always important to exclude physical underlying issues and many doctors are uneducated on that topic. Cortisol levels (stress hormone), thyroid and sexual hormones and forms of benign tumors as the most important ones. That is, if you want to give your gp a tip. Well, excuse the off topic.

Side fact to perhaps break the stigma further: According to evaluations of medical students in Germany upon getting the degree and finishing medschool, 50 % (!!) have a clinically relevant form of substance abuse, or anxiety disorder. All of this without accounting for unreported cases. Let that sink in.

In todays times of informational overload, constant availability, stressful job landscape, its a wonder its not even more common in my eyes.

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Inspiring, a few people around me (many I spend a lot of time in-character with) know that I'm not quite alright for one big reason: I have combat-induced PTSD. While that may be difficult for many people to relate to, it opened my eyes when I finally had to step forward, in my uniform, and admit that I was not ok. I expected my career to be over immediately, but what i was met with was more support than i knew what to do with. However, these things tend to trough and crest, and quite recently I'm being re-haunted by some specific incidents i had to endure. Noodle ( @Nova Taylor ) had to wake me from a flailing nightmare my first night off of my night shift. The same nightmare that kicked off a 1-2 week bout of barely sleeping, barely eating, and being incredibly jumpy that several people in the community i had to let know of because of my rapidly shifting attitude. I used to cope with my issues by playing an unhealthy amount of Arma 3 Milsim, where i believe i felt better by using my skills to win fights, kill the enemy, and contribute to a fireteam/squad/platoon again. Since these nightmares came back, the thought of doing that only makes me uneasy, paranoid, and (once again) jumpy.

If you're battling demons now, I'm there with you. They may not look or sound the same, but I'm more than happy to lend an ear for however long is needed for you to make your way through it. Many people have come to me ooc to vent about what's going on "in their head" and i can never judge them for doing so, regardless of what they say because i wouldn't want them to judge me for the things that hang over my own head. 

If you think you need help, take it. I was terrified too. For my relationship, my career, my future, and my life. Now I'm further ahead in my life than i ever thought I could be.

I am inspired to continue moving forward for the sake of those left behind, left unattended, and left without help because to not do so, to me, feels like i am letting them down. (again)

"As always, take care, and stay safe." -Zach

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I live with anxiety everyday and it shows in the people i play im harder on myself then anyone will ever be....My Real life even tho its good my wife and my kids struggle sometimes with me but there vary understanding of what im going throw.....Sometimes the pills are not enough even tho i have to take them to even do simple things like sleep and relax...On top of my  anxiety i have ADD and a learning Disorder witch also shows in my writing and rp....So life a everyday struggle for me sometimes and i get depressed and hard on myself....So i know the struggles i know the pain and i love this post because i can be open about my struggles no one knows be hide my screen...I can say this Revo helped me with my Anxiety some but people also can see it still there and i ty for all the good people i met throw Revo... @Tavisif anyone knows what your going throw its me man your not alone in your fight my brother...

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Two years ago I could finally say that after three years of it, I was depression free. Although not completely happy with how my life was going, it felt really relieving to understand that I was in a better place than I was before. I just want to say that even when it seems like there is no end to the emotions you're feeling and no end to all the negative thoughts you're having, there will be one day. There are a lot of people out there to help. I found professional help and I am seriously glad I did. I learned to say my thoughts out loud and it relieves a lot. There is no need to find immediate solutions to what problems you may have, talking about it already does half the work.

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