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How to navigate the forums - updated 09/14/19

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I hope this post helps in understanding where to post what and where to find what. There were a lot of things that seemed self explanatory and others not so much. Feel free to comment if you aren't sure about something. 


Across the top - Create, Notifications, Messages, Account



Create drop down menu - quick create options

  • Topic - Select the forum category and create your post
  • Tracker for the bug tracker
  • Livestream - Apply to our livestream page
  • Issue - Anonymous issue section
  • Donate


  • Reactions to posts and comments
  • Mentions in posts and comments
  • New follows


  • Our community personal messenger service
    • This can be used for IC and OOC communication

Account drop down menu

  • Profile - takes you to your profile page
    • View your content count
    • Joined date
    • Last visited date
    • Community reputation
      • Reputation activity (where has your rep come from)
    • Warning points and restrictions
    • About
    • Roleplay info
      • RP character names
  • My Attachments - can view all media attachments you have uploaded
  • Manage followed content - manage who and what you follow.
  • Account settings
    • Overview
      • Change display name (should be the first and last name of your primary character)
      • Change email address
      • Change password
      • Change notification settings
      • Edit profile
    • Email Address
    • Password
    • Account Security
      • 2 factor authorization
    • Recently used devices
    • Display name (should be the first and last name of your primary character)
    • Signature - add a specialized signature to all of your posts and comments.
  • Ignored users
  • Sign out



Top Menu - Community, GTARP, LEO, EMS, DOJ,  Civilian, Social Media, Player Guide




  • Top bar
    • News - Takes you to the announcement section
    • Downloads
      • TokoVoip TS plugin we use on our servers
      • Any other RevolutionRP downloads will be added here. 
    • Issues - This page is designed to place anonymous issues and concerns for Admins, Mods, and Community Relations to see.
    • Calendar -All of our upcoming community and server events
    • Donate
      • How close we are to our monthly goal
      • Top Donors
      • Donate Now button, which will direct you to paypal
    • Livestream Partnered and Affiliated streamers may apply to have their stream shown on our livestream page when they go live.
  • Bottom Bar
    • Latest News -Announcements made by staff
    • Latest Media -New posts in the media section
    • Latest discussion -Most recent posts on discussion topics


  • Top Bar
    • Bug Tracker - Any GTA related bugs should be reported here for our devs to repair.
    • Server information - Takes you to basic information post
    • Server Rules - General community and GTA server rules
    • Bios
    • Moderation Center - Takes you to the moderation section
    • How to TokoVoip
  • Bottom bar
    • Latest Patch
    • Latest Suggestion
    • Latest Dev Blog


  • LEO Calendar - View upcoming LEO events
  • Front Desk - Notices from LEO command
  • Application process - Apply to join LEO
  • Complaint form - Place LEO complaints


  • EMS Calendar - View upcoming EMS events
  • Application process - Apply to join EMS
  • Complaint form - Place EMS complaints


  • DOJ Calendar - View upcoming DOJ events
  • Application process - Apply to join DOJ
  • Court Cases - View upcoming court cases
  • Complaint form - Place DOJ complaints


  • RP guidelines 
  • Application - Gang Application, Business Applicaiton, Civilian (whitelist) Application
  • Medical RP

Social Media Links

  • Discord, Twitter, FiveM, Steam, and TeamSpeak

Player Guide - Getting started

  • New player guide and helpful information



General Forums - Announcements, Discussions, Media, Introductions, Q&A, Community Applications



AnnouncementsGeneral community announcements from the staff team
Discussions - for all community discussions besides GTA

  • Looking for Gamers - Look for others to join you in other games you play.
    • Real Men of Genius / Revolution as always been a gaming community. Beginning many years ago with XCOM and ARMA.

Media - Share photos and videos with the community|
Introductions - This is where you can introduce yourself to the community.

  • This section is not for RP bios or character info, but the person behind them.

Question and Answer

  • Ask Everyone
  • Ask Floppy
  • Ask Admins
  • Ask Community Relations

Community Application

  • Staff Application
  • Developer Application




Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay - Development, Server Discussion, Moderation Center, Gangs, Business Center, Whitelisted, Department of Justice, Law Enforcement, Los Santos Fire & Rescue, Character Journals




  • Bug Report
  • Suggestions
  • Developers Corner
    • Dev blogs and other development discussions
  • Patch Notes

Server Discussion - This section is for any discussions related to out GTA Server

  • Information - about our server and any server announcements
  • Tutorials
  • Player Feedback
    • Had a good/bad experience with another player? This section is for constructive civil conversations to applaud another or maybe aid them in becoming a better role player.

Moderation Center

  • Player report 
    • This section is to report a player who has broken server rules. Staff would like that you try to talk it out before jumping to a report. Conversations can happen in TS or through DM and can be mediated by an Admin/Mod/CR team member.
  • Compensation report
    • If you have purchased something and it did not work as intended you may apply for reimbursement. Approval is dependent on evidence and may not always be granted.

Gangs - We ask that anyone who wishes to be in a gang must apply to do so and be listed in our registered gangs page. There are some perks to being in a gang and more to come.

  • Application

Business Center - You do not need to physically own a property on the server to have business services. Through RP many have created businesses that they operate.

  • Applications

Whitelisted - On our GTA server we have a whitelist priority level in our queue system.

  • Application

Department of Justice - General discussion is where you can find the Code of Law, Current Attorney Roster, DoJ handbook and other resourceful information about our DoJ.

  • Announcements -  DoJ meetings and Changes
  • Court Cases - Civil and Criminal court cases
  • Application - For the Bar Certification/Paralegal process to be an attorney (private, public defender, or DA)
  • Court Documents - Marriages, Adoptions, Separations, Wills, Repeat Offenders list, Name changes, Record expungement, etc
  • DoJ Complaint

Law Enforcement

  • Front Desk - Communications from LEO Command
  • Application
  • LEO complaint

Los Santos Fire & Rescue

  • Application
  • EMS/FIRE Complaint

Character Journals - In character journals/diaries/recordings. Not intended for your basic character bio.


Ban Reports
Ban Appeals

Member Statistics
Online Members

Side Bar - Unread content, Donation Goals, Shortcuts, Upcoming Events, Server Restart Times, Files, Patch Notes, Topics, Popular Contributors, Forum Statistics



Unread Content - only shows unread topics
Donation Goals

  • Code of Law
  • RP Guide
  • Medical RP
  • Twitch Clips

Upcoming Events - A peek at the next 5 upcoming events in our community
Server Restart Times

  • Tokovoip

Patch Notes - Recent patch notes
Topics - Most recent topics
Popular Contributors
Forum Statistics



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I'm assuming this is the header you are referring to.Everything lines up really nicely and is in one row beneath the top menu.

The size of the image links don't adjust when you change the size of your window unless you reach a point (for me just above half screen) or are on mobile then the links disappear all together.


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