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Sasha Dimitrijev

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Granted it was the OLD model for her....

Classic @Taylor Faye ignoring JT.


Wonder who she's texting? ?

For reference when I say "old" model. She can deny it if she wants but check out the bottom right... 


I think that was when we started having more free mode models for cops. So, we weren't all carbon copies (well males at least). 


Edited by Joshua Thompson
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Another day, another shift. The life of an EMT in the LSFR. it's never a dull moment. 

just a casual dance party at Pillbox with @Johnny Kimble, @Rigzby Rollins, @Eevee Lowe

0_20191014134605_1 (2).png

This is fine, everything is fine, we are fine, I am fine!

0_20191014141940_1 (2).png

0_20190917113629_1 (2).png

Woop Woop that's the sound of EMS! Ambulance Karaoke with your best friend, best part of the shift! @Eevee Lowe

0_20190913134200_1 (2).png




Edited by Charlotte Paige
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7 hours ago, Johnny Kimble said:

But it looks like they missed the part where everyone left their captain to die in the rain. ?

You had some black magic stuff going with you, I swear you were in the ambo with me! Lol 

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