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Darcy Reid

Jamborina's Sims 4 Thread Revisited

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So before the great tsunami, I had a pretty extensive thread with folks that I'd made in Sims 4 form.  I thought I'd start it again.

Here's SOME of EMS - more to follow

baxter.thumb.png.4dac3a68326cf27f62e82b1875c18ab9.pngThe Bossman @Gadon Baxter

darcyportrait.png.b85194ca24179f500fb23425a9b339a6.png Deputy Bossman @Darcy Reid


celi.thumb.jpg.6a67442df21e0d70b38e49e7ca92d9f9.jpgTop Marshmallow @Araceli Quinoa


edandsusie.thumb.png.1ff704f1aa48623ea686cf0eaebc566e.png Elderly gentleman @Edward Thompson and his bombshell formerly bald lady @Susie Carmichael

rigz.thumb.jpg.e4e4cb4bca0084d1c305f0b5e4c77482.jpgSmooth @Rigzby Rollins


kimble.thumb.jpg.546e4a8cefbbc81ef2ad1ca41f1390e2.jpgThe dread pirate SnakeHips @Johnny Kimble


ruby.thumb.png.7193853ee4db35b5da6cdc6d814a5979.pngHair so red we gotta spray her with the fire hose @Ruby Blaze


calmark2.thumb.jpg.25d34b026bcf564a8776a20513219cf0.jpgAnother ginger Mark Jones @Leon Ravenscroft


sally.thumb.png.521de660e7579bf29d2c3b5808a4f9f3.pngNo relation to Mark Jones, Sally Jones @Matilda Lawson


dreah.thumb.jpg.d805035f12932886814b7ab297db40b5.jpgSo stressful she's got white hair already @Dreah Johnson

evelynn.thumb.jpg.5ddddb6fb5801f3f19662911b3bbf59d.jpgEvelynn Harper @Lea Johnson - this girl can drive!


lena.thumb.jpg.c554d509a7ee2a58c83510e619637952.jpgI'm running out of captions @Lena Tesla


eevee.thumb.png.1e45a0466d947f4a79c8a65afc13c95d.pngYep, it's 6am and can't do any more @Eevee Lowe


mace.thumb.png.c02992680b10b245397c6f59458fa918.png@Mace Ranco


ernie.thumb.png.ea0970f9d47a9f0b0d730b57b2592569.pngFlannelgan @Ernest Flanagan


jeffb.thumb.png.f4cc31942cee28f7777e1eff994c96a5.pngNot really a bear @Jeff Bear

thea.png@Althea Castillo

Edited by Darcy Reid
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